Playing games at work? Why business simulations can help you to run your business without wasting money or resources

By Karen Valverde

What can help you to run a business without wasting money or resources?

Thirty two years ago in 1985, an article appeared in the Financial Times crowning the latest winners of the UK’s National Management Championship, a simulation competition that challenged teams from businesses across the country to make the biggest profit with a fictional enterprise. At the time, the government secretary presenting the prizes said “’in survey after survey, British managers at almost all levels have been...

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How do great leaders derive their power?

By Dr Dominik Heil

There are many different forms of leadership power, but what distinguishes great leaders from average managers?

The answer is that great leaders see things differently to everyone else.

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Managing Talent: How to encourage your workforce to manage their career

By David Deegan

“So where do you see yourself in 5 years time?”

This is a question that all of us have probably been asked at some point in our career. Some of us will have asked that question of others.

So why do leaders and managers ask that question during review conversations? From my experience, working with leaders who are trying to grow and manage their talent pipeline, it is often used as a means to ascertain aspirations, interests and satisfaction. Yet it isn’t actually a very helpful question.

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