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Next course starts March 2016

“I found the programme inspirational. If you want to develop as a leader, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.”

Kevin Read, Site General Manager, Dairy Crest


Add value to your business 

The Cranfield General Management Programme introduces managers to a breadth of general management knowledge, to help them work more effectively and be more influential within the business.

Over 12 residential days and 2 reviews, participants will develop a sophisticated understanding of management within their organisational context to help them add value to their organisation within their unique role.

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Our courses have lasting impact on companies all over the world.
Our general management course has helped managers at various companies develop leadership skills

“Participants learn how they can add greater value across their business and therefore how to contribute better to strategy implementation.” 

Dr. Veronica Burke, Programme Director 


There are 3 modules in the CGMP:

  • Developing the General Management Mindset
  • Progress Review – 3-month
  • Continuing Development Review – 12-month



You will leave the course with:

  • A greater ability to understand your business' strategic issues and how you can be more influential
  • The capability to ensure your role and function adds maximum value to the strategy of the business
  • A clear picture of your leadership profile and how you can support strategic change across the business

Participant profile

Course participants are generally:

  • Senior managers responsible for key organisational activities
  • Those who need to develop a wider perspective beyond their area of responsibility or expertise
  • Between 30-55 years of age

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