Leadership insight: Keep your team or business moving forwards

Posted by Cranfield School of Management on 23-Nov-2015 10:02:45

In a business world dominated by competing agendas and ever-growing demands, staff often look to their superiors for guidance. It’s therefore critical that leaders know how to keep their team or company moving forward.

The following insights, taken from this article via Forbes, are designed to help executives guide their staff towards effective operational delivery. 

  • Don’t indulge in distractions. Stay attentive to the core things which will benefit the wider good of your team or business, instead of becoming bogged down by menial elements which affect you on a personal level.

  • Recognise your impact. Ensure that what you say and do reflects your true intentions. While you may act personably, you are not a typical member of the team — your words carry more impact, and could influence ways of working.

  • Remove obstacles. Get rid of things blocking your team, instead of getting frustrated by them — sometimes barriers are caused by wider issues which require senior buy-in to resolve, so you may be the best person to fix the issue.

  • Encourage enthusiasm. Nurture and promote passion in others, instead of meeting enthusiasm with negative remarks — this will keep your staff engaged, and convey the signal that it’s good to be passionate about work.

  • Support conclusions. Make sure everyone is clear about decisions and deliverables, and pick up smaller issues with key people. Adding elements of doubt to the mix after things have been agreed will only slow things down or halt work.

By understanding how their actions may directly impact those around them, executives can work accordingly to add maximum benefit within their unique domain and guide their team — or the wider business — towards success.

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